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Away Games
« on: August 24, 2016, 10:42:28 PM »
Who ever see's this if it's tony or kenny, see the situation with going up to more away matches I've got an idea. Most people on the bus want to go to away matches and back in ma dads day (Jeemo) the bus went everywhere home & away don't know where that changed but we NEED to get back to they days. I've got an idea and I'm sure people would like the idea, the money the bus gets from fares from the sweep we need to put it by for the away games like mid season or next season make sure no one touches the money we've put by for the tickets. Like the tommy Craig bus they do the same but they  do everyone a tenner for the bus journey home and depending how far the away trip is they charge more which people would be fine with. Then with the money we have put by for the away games contact the club tell how much tickets we need then charge the folk on the bus a fiver more like 20 - 25 then put that by then the money will keep going up and up. It annoys me because my dad talks of the day where he went up to away games and it sounds quality man and most away games I look to try and get tickets but don't have any luck so the roy milne is my and many others only way of getting a ticket. I seriously hope you take this into consideration and this takes action in the dry near future. HH